Ancient Rome

While the legend goes, Romulus and Remus, Roman twins, were separated by their mother and left by the Tiber River to starve. However, the mother wolf found them and looked after them. Years later, the boys were instructed by Mars, the Roman god of war, to build a city where they were found. They built the city but declared war on each other. Romulus won and so the city became known as Rome.

Life in ancient Rome is said to have begun in the 8th or 9th century BC. It happened when the northern warriors moved to the Italian peninsula and rehabilitated around the Tiber River. For centuries, Rome was considered the most important city in the ever-expanding Roman Empire. Rome was the capital and held all positions of power.

In historical times, Rome was ruled by kings. These kings had a reputation for being extremely cruel. As a result, the last King Tarquin Gord was overthrown and Rome acquired the status of a republic for the next four centuries. Rome was then ruled by the Senate. The Romans elect senators who carry out administrative tasks. A distinctive feature of the Roman Empire was that only Roman citizens were allowed to vote during elections. However, women, poor people and slaves were not considered citizens.

Rome also went through a phase in which it was ruled by military generals. But because these generals were many, decision-making became a problem. The Romans needed an emperor to centralize power. This came in the form of Augustus Caesar, who came to power in 27 BC.

When Christianity gained popularity, Rome became an important seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope's home. With the advent of the Middle Ages, humanity saw the decline of the Roman Empire. Despite the declining empire, the city revived its reputation as Europe's political capital for several hundred years until the Renaissance. Even today, Rome remains powerful and seen as the capital of Italy with its beautiful architecture and culture.

Goa: Lustful and heartfelt!

Holidays in Goa provide endless memories to look out for in the future. There are charming beaches where you can enjoy the perfect mix of sea, sand and surf. There are magnificent colonial structures that proclaim with breathtaking architectural grandeur. There are great flea markets for enjoyable shopping and a number of restaurants and hotels to satiate your taste buds. And so on.

In fact, Goa has almost everything that tourists find interesting. Most often a tour of Goa begins on its beaches, which have a genuine charm. The swinging palms, the excitement of the water waves, the warm golden sand and the abundance of modern luxury make Goa's beaches ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Some of the beaches in Goa are among the top Asian beaches and are thrown by thousands of travelers throughout the year.

Obligatory visit to attractions

Goa is truly one that portrays the whole heart and the larger of life. The beautiful beaches of Calangute, Baga and Anjouna have always been a must-visit list of attractions. In addition, breathtaking scenic neighborhoods of the Goa coast make a perfect getaway for nature lovers and romantic couples. When in Goa, take a tour of the capital city of Panaji and Old Goa, the best architectural features of the country. Magnificent churches such as the Bom Jesus Basilica and the Se Cathedral, the mammoth Aguda Fortress and the beautiful Cape Palace paint hordes of visitors inclined to culture and history. Goa also has several museums worth exploring.

Goa has three wildlife sanctuaries that offer a lot for nature lovers. Ghostly nature, exotic flora and fauna and interesting animal shows – these sanctuaries give your visitors an unforgettable experience.

Goa Navigation

It is easy to get to Goa from the capital Panayji. The city is a great base from which to explore all of Goa's landmarks, being central and well maintained with shuttle service. However, to know and love Goa, you have to choose a walk or a ride. Renting a motorcycle is a good option, especially coming with friends. You can also use an excellent bus network or hire car services available nationwide.

Goa has an international airport in Debolim that has flights from all major cities around the world. Flights from Delhi to Goa remain in high demand as a large number of tourists visit the country from the northern hills and plains.

Extravaganza Shopping:

You can shop until you enter Goa. The state offers many opportunities, including glittering shopping malls, traditional flea markets and street shops to meet shopping needs for both visitors and locals alike. Wednesday The flea market at Anjouna Beach attracts a large number of tourists who love shopping and dining. An outdoor market, it has stalls selling local artifacts, fruits and vegetables, handmade pots and pans, and a variety of clothing at reasonable prices. Shehnaz Shopping Center in Panaji, Shopping Goa Cenetr in Vasco, Arron Arcade in Candolim and Caculo Mall in Panaji are other great shopping opportunities in the country.

In addition, you'll surely enjoy Goa's nightlife and great dining and cheesecake selections. The best time to visit here is winter, from October to March.

Singapore – the best place for games

Singapore, the paradise visitor to paradise & # 39; is ready to eclipse Las Vegas, as a well-known gaming destination with more travelers choosing it as their favorite gaming and gambling destination. Be Blinded By One Of The Best Gaming Halls; enter some poker rooms and enjoy entertaining entertainment in Singapore, which is sure to appeal to everyone!

Recently legalized gambling is expanding in Asia at a faster rate and Singapore is proving to be Asia's hottest gaming destination. Resort World Casino, Sentosa, is Singapore's premier gaming site where celebrations reach its zenith. Owned by one of Asia's oldest gaming operators, the casino is full of endless activities. A wide range of table, slot, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and casino style poker games entertain you. More than just games, you can see the magnificent glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, taste some of Singapore's finest culinary temptations, and watch top-notch shows. Tourists over 21 with a valid passport can enter the gaming floor. Resort World Sentosa is an amazing casino and home to some grand hotels, theme parks, fashion shops, a maritime museum and a marine park.

The $ 5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands casino is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From Baccarat to Singapore Stud Poker, you get everything you are looking for. Get a chance to indulge and experience some exciting fast-paced table games – a combination of dealer and electronic betting interface, world-class jazz legends and pop sensations at & 39; The Shoppes & # 39; or enhance your appetite with a selection of Chinese, Indian or Malay spicy cuisine. This is probably where you can shop until you fall. The gaming floor of Marina Bay Sands is where everything comes together.

For hard-drive fans at the amusement park, move around at Singapore Universal Studio. Hop on state-of-the-art rides; test transformers Ride -3D & # 39; show or coastal ride on & # 39; Battlestar Glactica & # 39 ;. This is absolutely universal & # 39; and you will never forget the thrill.

The Singapore Ropeway, Asia's first canal museum, presents a bird's eye view of Singapore's silhouette. Incredible! The picturesque view of the city from the Faber Mountains is a really interesting move from gambling to silhouette. Take a stroll in the sky of nature, not only picturesque but also fun.

Singaporean poker has also grown in popularity. Surprising Singapore has no poker room, and the great news for poker players is Resorts World Sentosa plans to open poker rooms soon. The underground poker network is active throughout Singapore, where fans organize games. Finding a place in these games is not very easy and entry is strictly limited by invitation only.

Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel is another exciting place. Visitors can enjoy a ride in a true flight simulator, a dream journey. Enjoy a unique experience watching three countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore while flying high in the sky!

Singapore also offers a variety of sports betting options for international and domestic football games and Grand Prix Auto racing. The dye ball game, played with a special paint ball gun, also attracts guests. Indoor or outdoor games, different-sized fields offer a realistic and unique experience. Red Dynasty Paint Ball Park and Bottle Tree Park offer some of the best paintball scenarios.

The attractions here are huge and varied, whether it is shopping off-road, soaking in the cozy atmosphere or getting into some thick action with a variety of sports or gaming activities, Singapore is simply superb!

Air Travel from Mumbai – Sights in Mumbai


Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India and the second most populous city in the world. Mumbai is located on the west coast of India and has a deep natural harbor. Mumbai is also the richest city in India and has the highest GDP of any city in South or Central Asia. Mumbai – A city that never sleeps, if you want to feel fresh young and rejuvenated then Mumbai is for you. Bay of Disco, Restaurants and Nightclubs Mumbai is actually Las Vegas of India. Mumbai is a city where every night looks like a festival night. So, with the warmest of happiness, we welcome you to the city of wonders, Mumbai.

Sightseeing in Mumbai: –

Holy places

Mahalaxmi Temple, Jain Temple, ISKCON Temple, Mumbadevi Temple, Sidhivinyak Temple, Babulnat Temple, Volkeshwar Mandir, Jama Masjid, Hajji Ali Darga, Mount Mary Church, Afghan Memorial Church, Cathedral Church and Cathedral Church


Gateway of India, Rajab Clock Tower, University Building, Movie City, High Court, Flora Fountain, Fort Worley, Kanheri Caves, Elephant Caves


Jehangir Art Gallery, Nehru Plateum, National Maritime Museum, Mani Bhavan Museum, Prince of Wales Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Veer Mata Jaja Mata Museum, Taraporevala Aquarium


Lake Tulsi, Lake Vihar and Pawai


Hanging Gardens, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Baladi Gardens, Jiamata Udyan Zoo, Kamla Nehru Park

Amusement parks

Essel World, Fantasy Land, Water Kingdom, Tikuji-Ni-Wadi, Surai Water Park


Chowpatty Beach, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach

Mumbai Shopping Center: –

R-Mall, Inorbit Shopping Mall, Hypercity Mall, Atria Mall, Crossroads Mall, City Mall, Phoenix Mall

Following are the shopping areas in Mumbai: –

Anger Thane, Bandra Kolaba, Darara Fortress, Juhu Kalbadevi, Young Nariman Point, Navi Mumbai Tardeo

How to get by air: –

Mumbai is well connected by air, rail and road. You can use any of the vehicles to get to where you want. If you are planning to visit this place by plane, I will provide you with information on the various different flights to Mumbai from different destinations. You can book your flight accordingly. If you book your flight online, you can save your money. So, if you are planning to visit this place, I will recommend you to book your ticket online.

Mumbai has an international airport known as Chatter Pati Shivaji International Airport. There are regular flights from Mumbai to various destinations in India and abroad. There are flight operators who fly their flights from Mumbai to various d3estinations in India and abroad. The following is a detailed list of the various operators and destinations.

Airlines destinations

Air Arabia – Sharjah

AirAsia – Kuala Lumpur

Air France Paris – Charles de Gaulle

Air India Chicago – O & 39; Hare, Dammam, Delhi, Frankfurt, Hyderabad, Jeddah, London-Heathrow, New York-JFK, Newark, Riyadh, Shanghai-Pudong

Indian Airlines – Abu Dhabi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Hyderabad, Singapore

Air-India Express – Bahrain, Calicut, Chennai, Cochin, Dhaka, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Mangalore, Pune, Tiruchirapali, Trivandrum,

Mauritius Air – Mauritius

All Nippon Airways – Tokyo-Narita

Austrian Airlines – Vienna

Bahrain Air – Bahrain

British Airways London – Heathrow

Cathay Pacific Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi, Hong Kong

Continental Airlines – Newark

Delta Air Lines – Amsterdam, Detroit, NY-JFK

Egypt Air – Cairo

El Al – Tel Aviv

Emirates – Dubai

Ethiopian Airlines – Addis Ababa

Etihad Airways – Abu Dhabi

GoAir – Ahmedabad, Bagdogra, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Indore, Jaipur, Jammu, Nagpur, Nande, Srinagar

Gulf air – Bahrain

Korean Air – Seoul-Incheon

Kuwait Airways – Kuwait

Lufthansa – Frankfurt, Munich

Malaysian Airlines Kuala Lumpur

Nas Air – Jeddah, Riyadh

Oman – Muscat Air

Airlines Pakistan I – Karachi

Qantas – Brisbane, Singapore

Qatar Airways – Doha

The Jordanian Royal – Aman – Queen Alia

Saudi Arabian Airlines – Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh

Singapore Airlines – Singapore

Swiss International Airlines – Zurich

Thai Airways International – Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi

Turkish Airlines – Istanbul-Ataturk

Yemenia – Aden, Sana & a;

Indian Airlines – Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Calcutta, Calicut, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Indaur, Jaipur, Jamnagar, Jodhpur, Jodhpur, Jodhpur , Raghapur, Raghapur, Rangup, Trivandrum, Udaipur, Varanasi, Visakhapatnam

Indian Airlines – Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat

IndiGo – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Nagpur, Patna, Vadodara

Iran Air – Tehran-Imam Khomeini

Jagson Airlines – Shirdi

Jet Airways – Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhavnagar, Bhopal, Bhuj, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Diu, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Mangalore, Nagpur, Porburu , Porbunder, Rabunder, Porcunder, Pubun, Porcunder, Udaipur, Vadodara

Jet Airways – Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Brussels, Colombo, Dhaka, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Kathmandu, Kuwait, London-Heathrow, Muscat, Newark, Najaf, Riyadh, Singapore

JetLite – Ahmedabad, Calicut, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jammu, Kolkata, Lucknow, Nagpur, Raipur, Srinagar, Udaipur, Visakhapatnam

Kenya Airways – Nairobi

Kingfisher Airlines – Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhavnagar, Bhubaneswar, Bhuj, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hubli, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Lunda, Kandapur, Kandapur , Lucknow, Lucknow, Lucknow, Lucknow, Lucknow, Lucknow, Lunah, Lenung, Lunah, Lunand, Lucknow, Lucknow, Lunah, Lunand, Nasik, Patna, Raipur, Ranchi, Solapur, Srinagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Udaipur, Udaipur

Kingfisher Airlines – Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Dubai, Hong Kong, London-Heathrow, Singapore

South African Airways – Johannesburg

SpiceJet – Agartala, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Kolkata, Madurai, Srinagar, Varanasi, Visakhapatnam,

SriLankan Airlines – Colombo

These are mainly airlines operating flights from Mumbai. you can book your cheap airline tickets online and save your money.

Paleochora – Crete – the best kept secret

Paleochora, the Bride of the Libyan Sea, as it is called, is a small, ordinary Greek town (or perhaps a large village) located on the southwest coast of Crete. Well, sitting & # 39; the coast is a little deceptive. The city is built on a small peninsula that flows into the sea and is a perfect holiday destination for many people in know-how. About 80% of tourists who visit the city return again and again. Many will not recommend Paleochora to anyone other than trusted friends, as they want to not become too popular and developed!

Walking in Paleochora is easy. It only takes about 5 minutes on foot from the west coast to the east coast and the whole town is in between so you are never far from anywhere. Someone once described it as being on a small private Greek island, since it is easy to forget that you are connected to a large land mass.

This earth mass is useful, mind you. The Great Mountains protect Paleochora from the worst of times. Many times it can be poured with rain on the north coast and sunny and dry in Paleochora! The city boasts two blue signs & # 39; beaches, a huge sandy beach (which has a semi-official nudist stretch) on the west side and a rocky beach on the east side. This is useful because on windy days there is always a beach that is tucked away. The water is very clear, crystal clear and there are no dangerous drafts, so bathing is safe for everyone. In fact, Paleochora is an ideal destination for an old-fashioned family vacation.

The head of the peninsula is dominated by a 12th-century Venetian fortress, which is well worth exploring – unfortunately these days only the walls remain, but there are many archaeological works that show the structures that once stood here. Moreover, the view of the city with the mountains at the back is wonderful. Keep your eyes peeled! You can find a century-old Venetian coin on earth or even an old gullet!

At night the city becomes a low-key but interesting resort. Main Street, which runs through downtown and the beachfront promenade, are closed to traffic after 7pm, with restaurants and bars setting up their masses on the roads. Walking around the city, hearing many different languages, talking to people who enjoy it, is a real pleasure. No drunken behavior, no lows, just nice nice people, everyone has a nice evening. This is a complete escape from the bold, in your face & # 39; resorts where many small towns grew up. Here you can experience Greece as it was 25 or 30 years ago (even the prices here are the lowest in Crete).

5 tips to get the cheapest last-minute flights

Whether you are a natural or a corporate traveler, in these difficult economic times, everyone is looking to save money when they can and take the cheapest last-minute flights for their trip.

If you absolutely must book your last-minute flights, here are 5 great tips to help you find cheap last-minute flights.

1. Try to book your flights as early as possible. Try to plan your trip so you don't have to book your flights at the last minute. Many times, people end up having to book their flights at the last minute because they delay and delay booking their flights.

If you can, book your plane ticket at least two to three months before the departure date. If you can buy your airline tickets so far in advance, you have the best opportunity to get the lowest ticket prices.

If you are unable to book two to three months before your departure date, then at least try to book your flights within two to three weeks of your departure date. Do not wait until one week from the departure date to try to book your flights.

If you wait until the last week to book your flights, ticket prices will be very expensive and seats are very likely to sell out.

2. Search for deals and discounted flights on the websites of all major airlines flying to your destinations. It's not easy to find a ticket, but if you have the patience and time to search all the websites for all the airlines, you can just find a great deal for your itinerary.

3. Look for cheap last-minute flights on all the major online travel booking websites. These sites have access to millions of discount flights and do not always have access to the same flights or fares. Or, a specific online travel website may have an immediate discount on route flights.

4. Do all your research on cheap last-minute flights in one day and be ready to book your tickets when you find a good deal. When you find a great deal, do not delay or refuse to book your flights …

Prices can change and rise at any time. Airfares are constantly changing. You can find flights and the price you like, and often if you don't book your flights right then, you may lose seats or a deal because someone else may buy the tickets.

Make no mistake, thinking that if you find a great price on cheap flights for your trip, you can wait a few hours or days to decide to buy them at that price. If you need to book your flights, don't bet on the game so you can buy your tickets later.

Do all your research on all websites on the same day and book your flights the same day as soon as you can.

5. Make sure when you search for your flights you have a credit card or debit card that has sufficient funds so that you can pay for your airline tickets when you find the cheapest last-minute flights for your trip.

Too often, people spend their time searching for cheap flights, and then, when they have finally found most of their flights, they try to pay for their flights only to find out that their credit card is over the limit, or their debit card does not have sufficient funds to cover the payment for the tickets.

As they clear their payment problems and are ready to finally make the payment, they find that their seats have already sold out and / or that cheap ticket prices have gone up.

The key point is that when you are looking to book cheap last-minute flights for a personal trip, such as last-minute flights to Florida or last-minute flights to Las Vegas, you should be ready to make a payment when you find a great deal for cheap flights. Otherwise, the risk of losing seats or the price of the discounted ticket is likely.

UNESCO declares the Sukur cultural landscape in Nigeria a World Heritage Site

Sukur, located in northeastern Nigeria, has been selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Nigeria has a unique position on the African continent due to its landscape and various other places with tourist attractions. The Sukar landscape was chosen because of its structured palace, beautiful villages and terraced fields and more. Dozens of groups of tourists visit such a unique cultural landscape. The Sukar cultural landscape was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999. This site has been called an exceptional landscape. The cultural landscape of Sukur is a testament to the continuing spiritual and cultural traditions that have been going on for centuries.

Sukar is not very popular compared to other sites. It is located on Mount Mandara with its steep land with its grassy soil. It is completely different from other World Heritage Sites. This site is being developed to introduce Sukur to the world, collecting as much information as possible on records. Precious data were collected by Nick David and Judy Sterner against the backdrop of the Mandara archaeological project that could be used in the development of the Sukar landscape.

This site has survived several centuries of destruction and still looks like it was built recently. Travelers who love history will love to visit one of the perfect places to learn a lot about the country's culture and traditions. UNESCO and the Government of Nigeria need to launch new projects, including the creation of a museum there to illustrate the real culture and history of the region.

The right airline ticket with a discount from the United Kingdom to the Philippines

If you're trying to travel from the UK to the Philippines, you might be wondering how you can afford it all. The fact is that traveling by plane is becoming more expensive. To find discount airline tickets between the UK and the Philippines, you need to do some things.

Check different carriers

There are many different airlines that will be able to provide you with a flight ticket from the UK to the Philippines, but you should be sure to find them yourself. Your best chance to find a discount from UK to Philippines flight tickets will be to look at the prices that various airlines have to offer you and try to find one that meets your needs. You will want to find an airline that can give you the type of discount airline ticket from the UK to the Philippines you are looking for, but this may not be something that is advertised. In fact, you may need to look for it for a while if you have to travel on a budget.

Go with different dates

To get a flight ticket from United Kingdom to the Philippines, your best bet is to fly in the off season. This means that if you can book your flight in the middle of the week and even go at odd times during the day, you will find that flights are much cheaper. This is something that many people have looked at and it's true – if you can get a flight during the week, you will find that it is cheaper and much more worth it.

Regardless, you will want to look for online discount rates from the UK to the Philippines. This will be where you find the best prices, no matter how you choose to get them. You need to remember that online is often the cheapest route today, so find some sites and search. However, do not leave with the first discount airfares from the UK to the Philippines you will find, you will want to shop for a while, as you are likely to find something better.

Just remember that you will want to expand your criteria to offer airlines the best chance to get a discount on airfares from the UK to the Philippines that meet your needs. The more flexible you can have, the better your chances of finding cheap flights.

Getting to Venice for an amazing Venice vacation

There are, they say, a hundred times to get to Rome. Well, there are just as many ways to get to Venice for a memorable Venice vacation. You can really travel to Venice in any mode that suits you. You can drive alone, take a bus or train, fly down or even come here by boat. The choice is yours. Let me give you more details that may be relevant.

Car Rental – This is probably the least attractive considering the fact that you cannot drive in Venice and that you will have to pay a considerable amount to park your bikes during your Venice vacation. If you want to drive, using a rental car is better. Parking, as I mentioned, is expensive in Venice. But it is much cheaper if you park your car in Mestre and take a train to Venice. Locals leave every five to ten minutes and parking costs you a fraction of what Venice would be.

If you decide to get to Venice, Italy by train, be sure to continue to the last stop – Santa Lucia. The great thing about Santa Lucia is that it is located right on the Grand Canal and right in front of the train station you will be able to pick up the vapor or the water bus. Be careful not to go down to Mestre.

If you are flying to Venice for a Venice vacation, you will land at the Marco Polo Airport, where all scheduled carriers will land. The airport is about 13 kilometers from Venice and is connected by buses, shuttles and private taxis – naturally, prices are rising in the same order. Parco polo is well connected and has flights from just about anywhere you can name it. You can search online or speak with your travel agent to find cheap flights to Venice, Italy.

As I said earlier, you can also come to Venice by cruise ship for your Venice vacation. They arrive at the port of Venice. You will receive a free shuttle ship from the cruise ship to Piazza San Marco.

A unique aspect of Venice is its car-free nature. It may take you a while to get used to walking everywhere without worrying about switching. If you spend some time in the city, remember that the rest of the world is not so safe!

A romantic way to travel to Venice is to use the cabin lift, but this can be expensive, usually costing 75 euros or more per hour. Be sure you know what you will be charged for and don't hesitate to bargain. There are also sharing gondolas where you pay much less, but they are more for travel than for romance!

Fortunately, Venice is also a city you can see on foot. If you have time to spend and really want to get in town during your Venice vacation, this is the option we recommend.

How To Start Your Travel Diary |

Writing a travel diary can be a fun experience. You will record everything from your travels around the world and create unique monuments. In a few years, the diary will be a source of nostalgia for you. So if you've been planning to start a travel diary for a long time, here are some tips to help you get started.

Choose a medium for your journal entries

Most people love the idea of ​​writing their travel stories in a leather notebook. However, if you want the world to read about your adventures, you can even start a blog and start typing your entries. This can be something of a small paragraph for the places you visit or your experiences. And if you have the time, you can even write full blogs with How-to to help other people plan their trips.

Start traveling as soon as possible

In order to keep a travel log, you first need to start traveling. Get a destination and go there. If you have a busy life, set aside a certain period of the year for your travels. If you have no money, you can save and plan a trip on a budget. For example, you can easily book cheap flights well in advance so you can save money and time.

Gain experience

That's why most people want to be travelers, not tourists. This is because tourists are touring the place, viewing important monuments or historic sites. On the other hand, travelers explore the local culture and lifestyle of the people who live there. So, as you travel, be sure to see not only the important places, but also get an idea of ​​the life and culture of the local people. This will immediately add a lot of value to your travel diary.

Eat a variety of delicious dishes

One of the best things about traveling is that you will be able to taste different local dishes that may not be available in your hometown. Try local eateries and small venues that make and sell authentic dishes. Before you begin your journey, you can even do a little research on your destination to know about the best restaurants out there.

Keeping a travel log is one of the most beautiful ways to document your life. Years later, when you look again at your journal or blog, you will be struck by an instant burst of nostalgia. And then you will be grateful that you started your travels. Bon Voyage!